Let That Be a Lesson


Not sure if I've mentioned it or not, but I've written a book.

It's called Let That Be a Lesson: A Teacher's Life in the Classroom. It's a memoir of the ten years I spent teaching in state secondary schools.

I really wanted to celebrate teaching and teachers, and communicate why I think it's such a brilliant job. But I also wanted to highlight the struggles caused by successive governments not supporting teachers effectively. For that reason, and because working with kids is so unpredictable, the book is sometimes funny, sometimes angry and sometimes sad.

Crucially, and in my impartial opinion, it makes a great present, whether for a loved one, a hated one or indeed yourself. Just click the middle blob below to order.

A frank, funny and long overdue ode to teachers and teaching  - Adam Kay, author of This Is Going to Hurt

A delightfully frank and funny book, with a very serious message - Jacqueline Wilson, children's author 

A rollicking tour of the joy and havoc of modern education. Full of passion, warmth, wit and wisdom... touching, poignant and personal too - Jeremy Vine, broadcaster

Ryan Wilson is a great communicator, as well as funny, senstive and clever. In fact, an ideal teacher. This book on his time in the profession is - well - an education on why our teachers are too often the unsung heroes in all of our lives - Victoria Derbyshire, broadcaster

Hilarious, inspiring and so terrifyingly true - Lucy Kellaway, Financial Times journalist turned teacher and founder of Now Teach

A hilarious love letter to teaching - and to teenagers. It throws open the doors to the staff room and our ears to the gossip inside - Christie Watson, author of The Language of Kindness: A Nurse's Story

I was captivated by Ryan Wilson's honesty and vulnerability and loved every minute of reading and exploring this familiar world - Andria Zafirakou, Global Teacher of the Year 2018 and author of Those Who Can, Teach

Laugh out loud funny - every teacher who reads it will cringe with empathy - Laura McInerney, The Guardian