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About Ryan

Anchor 1

Ryan was born and grew up in Northern Ireland, meaning he was forevermore cursed with people asking him to say 'how now brown cow.'

He studied English at university and then completed a post-graduate teaching qualification. He spent a decade teaching English in state schools in Essex and London, the last three years as an assistant headteacher.

In 2016 he left teaching to study for a master's in Broadcast Journalism. He worked on Good Morning Britain and ITV News and spent the night in a leisure centre in Wakefield for ITV on election night in 2017. One of his more bizarre experiences was working undercover for Deliveroo, wearing a hidden camera, to investigate how they treat their workers.

For the last three-and-a-half years he has worked as a producer on The Jeremy Vine Show at Radio 2. The job has seen him having a difficult conversation with David Attenborough, taking part in a competetive paper shredding competition and introducing Bruno Tonioli to an expert in river dredging.

In his spare time he enjoys trying to find the sweet spot between baking and eating cakes and going running. He has been a volunteer for The Samaritans and Switchboard LGBT+ helpline. He is good at writing in the third person.

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